mark9:23, Isaiah53v1.
*faith connects me to the flow of virtues
*faith silences all opposing forces on my path,around my life ephe6v15
*A winning faith is a fighting faith. 1cor16v9,1Tim6v12 deu2v24.2Tim2v3.2cor10v3-5.
*The winning faith is a daring faith. Dan3v8,mark2v1-12. I should focus on things that are written instead of things that are happening or what people are saying.
those who are afraid to fail never succeed.
*The winning faith is a diving faith. John5v4,Gen12v2,17v23-26,22v1-2. Diving faith is keyed to supernatural breakthrough. HEB11v12 faith comes by hearing the word of GOD. Its nt what we just assume its what we consciously develop.

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Published by: fasholaseun

Bubbling with enthusiasm. quiet and restrained when in #MEDITATION MODE.good #THINKER. #SENSE OF HUMOR. #LOVING and #CARING towards near,dear and strange ones. #SHARP MIND. #SENSITIVE.#FORGIVING NATURE.# FUN PERSON. #UNPREDICTABLE at times. #HIGHLY SPIRITUAL. #DEDICATED AND HARD WORKING.#PROUD9JA.

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