Lion of d tribe of Judah, who fit put am for Zoo? Nobody! He broke d law of physics & walked on sea. He broke d law of Chemistry & turned water 2 wine. He broke d law of Economics(scarcity) & fed d multitude with 5 loaves of bread & 2 fishes. He broke d law of Biology(reproduction), he was born of a virgin. He broke d law of social network. He’s not on Twitter nor Facebook yet nations follow him. The Ancients of days, Lily of d Valley, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Rose of Sharon, Ominipotent, Ominipresent, Ominiscient, Adonai, Jehova El-Shaddai, Rapha, Nissi, Elohim, Shamma, Bright & Morning star, I am dat I am, Tamuno, Obinigwe, Kabiyesi, E bube dike, d Eternal rock of Ages, Okaka. Words are too small 2 describe him our Messiah. If u know he has done something great in ur life, pls share it on 2 all ur contacts 2day cos we owe him Adoration and Praises……. He alone is worthy of joyful noise and Glory! Oghenerode, Ovie evie.
Hmmmnnn this man is Great !!!…..

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Published by: fasholaseun

Bubbling with enthusiasm. quiet and restrained when in #MEDITATION MODE.good #THINKER. #SENSE OF HUMOR. #LOVING and #CARING towards near,dear and strange ones. #SHARP MIND. #SENSITIVE.#FORGIVING NATURE.# FUN PERSON. #UNPREDICTABLE at times. #HIGHLY SPIRITUAL. #DEDICATED AND HARD WORKING.#PROUD9JA.

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