*branding is what birth an upgrade there is no really an upgrade without an initial branding.
*branding is all about getting prepared for the next level.
*branding is all about getting a new bottle set 4 a new wine.
*branding is all about setting the stage for a greater pace<change or movement.
*branding is all about outlining for greater greatness.
*the desperate acts of men is what provokes strange works and acts even /miracles.
*the prophecies have gone out into year 2014 as our year of *THE OVERFLOW*EXCEEDING GRACE STRANGE WORKS&ACTS.the overflows of the real members of the OUTLINERS and STRANGE WORK &ACTS IN OUR MIDST.

*but still then we have to get prepared and show that we are ready and committed. by starting with the reconstruction.
*We gona be branding the outlinerscrew hence creating space for a greater pace;<a rate of movement or change.
¤Introduction of the new developements in the ministry tagged #THE CHANGE# as we should know change is a constant factor in life,and to any thing that must advance change is innevitable.
we are gona b taking a look at the 1st facet of change we have.
*introduce to the band the use of the bands membership form{B.M.F}.
*the bands scheme of rehearsals
*8 rehearsal days probation for intending members

*the flag off of the rules and regulation,and the vision and mission of the band.
*set up of panels.
{minister of finance
{panel of judges
{ministers of services.
*introduction of the bands scheme of rehearsals.
*11:57am, Tue 25-02-2014

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Bubbling with enthusiasm. quiet and restrained when in #MEDITATION MODE.good #THINKER. #SENSE OF HUMOR. #LOVING and #CARING towards near,dear and strange ones. #SHARP MIND. #SENSITIVE.#FORGIVING NATURE.# FUN PERSON. #UNPREDICTABLE at times. #HIGHLY SPIRITUAL. #DEDICATED AND HARD WORKING.#PROUD9JA.

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