HEY! MR RICH i felt the neccessity to send u this letter as a result of the urgent adjustment in mentality u require..
¤first u should know that;
*having need to take up another person’s responsibility doesn’t make a fool out of u,neither does it make a star out of u. coz it is just a privilege that u should appreciate and not a medium by which u make people feel belittled,humiliated or depreciated.
*if u ever have the opportunity to love,feed,cater,defend,carefor someperson better do ‘coz u dnt knw what the future holds for u.
*have u ever thought about this statement .”WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND” ? IT MEANS
*the #LOVE:-* u permit to go round is what comes back to you.
*the #BLESSING:-):-D u permit to flow is wha t comes back in torrent.
*the #CARE u permit to ooz fault from within u is what comes back to u..
*A #RESPONSIBILITY handled with LEVITY today might turn out to be a forever LIABILITY tommorow.


Published by: fasholaseun

Bubbling with enthusiasm. quiet and restrained when in #MEDITATION MODE.good #THINKER. #SENSE OF HUMOR. #LOVING and #CARING towards near,dear and strange ones. #SHARP MIND. #SENSITIVE.#FORGIVING NATURE.# FUN PERSON. #UNPREDICTABLE at times. #HIGHLY SPIRITUAL. #DEDICATED AND HARD WORKING.#PROUD9JA.

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