Nothing is as Powerful as a Changed Mind..
You can change your, Hair, Clothing, Address, Even Spouse, but if you don’t change your MIND the same experience will perpetuate itself over and over again
Because everything outwardly Changed but nothing INWARDLY CHANGED..

This reason really has been the why lot of people go around Looking Furstrated, lost coursed, aimless, pointless, and Goaless,

Here’s a few tip on how to develop your Mind

Develop a sense of responsibility
Make it a Decision to go through LIFE with every sense of #Discoverablity
Look inwards to discover what you are good at and building upon it (TALENT)
Step up from the Inside: Learn New things
Step into your Fears..
Face defeat repeatedly without GIVING UP.


You feel an Incredible power pushing through whatever is holding you down
You constantly move towards getting to the other side of MORE OF YOUR TRUE SELF.
You will Understand things happens for you and not against you.
You learn to Harness your will Depending on no situation, Persons
You become Resourceful and Creative
You constantly Know what you want and fully determined never to quit until discovery.

NOTE THAT: the Only thing that’s gonna make your PRESENT different from the PAST is not the Change in the Minute, Second or Hour, not even the day, Month, Week, or Year, IT IS SIMPLY THAT CHANGE IN YOUR MIND.
NOTE THAT: the MIND is an INWARD FUNCTION, that affects the OUTWARDS..
The Mind is Unstoppable until you shut it down yourself.
The Human Mind Never Dies,
Mysteriously The Human Mind can be Transfered

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